Bari Small Vase

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Crafted by Lindform, renowned for their exquisite ceramic creations, this vase exudes elegance and sophistication. Its organic shape and textured surface add depth and character, creating a truly unique piece that lends an elegant, nature-inspired touch to any space. They are designed to showcase a sprig of a single stem. Every piece is unique in itself. Design, colour and thickness may therefore vary.

The inspiration for Lindform comes from the Scandinavian nature with its organic tones and simple shapes. Design, models and colours are chosen to give harmony to the room but also act as an interesting eye-catcher. Their collection also contains influences from Japan, whose minimalist style marries well with their Nordic design.

  • Ceramic vase, matt finish, inside glazed
  • Design: Marita Lindholm
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: Height 6 cm