Fruit & Veggie Pot

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Healthy snackers listen up: eating more vegetables and fruit has never been this easy. The fruit- & veggie pot has been specifically designed to wash your fruit and vegetables on the spot. Enjoy snacking on lovely fresh strawberries behind the computer or indulge in some cherry tomatoes as a late afternoon snack on the train...bring on those vitamins! The colander in the pot has been designed to rinse your fruit and vegetables on the spot. Because the rinse water is collected in the empty space at the bottom of the pot, it won't bother you. A handy stainless steel fork is included, so that you can enjoy the ideal snack on the go! Of course the fruit - & veggie pots are dishwasher safe. Also very handy: the lids of the fruit- & veggie- , lunch- and snack pots are all interchangeable.

600 ml capacity, 107 mm x 127 mm

Guaranteed Leakproof!

Dishwasher safe

Not safe for microwave

Made in Holland

0% BPA