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  • Classic kitchen tools from the Essential collection return to the stage with contemporary designs to draw admiring gazes in every kitchen. Everyday tasks such as mixing, cutting, turning and serving are child’s play with this extensive range of handy kitchen tools. Featuring linear designs, the handles are delightfully comfortable to hold. The kitchen tools are easy to clean thanks to their high-precision, waterproof craftsmanship – whether by hand or in the dishwasher. Last but not least, each utensil incorporates an eyelet so you can hang it close to where you use it most.

    This sauce ladle from Kuhn Rikon’s stylish Essential range is perfect for serving tasty sauces, whether sweet or savoury. Thanks to the convenient spout on one side, sauce can be poured without drips.

    • With handy spout on one side
    • Top quality, stainless steel
    • Robust and durable
    • Wide selection
    • Approx. measurements W 10cm x L 30.5cm
    • Dishwasher suitable, washing by hand is recommended