Dish Drainer w/drip tray

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This deluxe dish drainer is made up of two main parts - a dish draining rack and a drip tray. Produced from the strongest stainless steel, the draining rack keeps you dishes elevated to allow them to air dry more easily and effectively.

There's lots of space to drain off your cutlery too. This dish drainer features a generously-sized cutlery holder. It simply attaches to the edge of the draining rack. You can move it too - making it great for compact spaces.

You don't have to worry about hardened water deposit or lime scale building up around your sink with this dish drainer's drip tray. When the water drips down from your dishes it's caught in the tray. However, it doesn't just stay there.

The tray features a handy draining spout, which enables water and soap suds to flow back into your sink, So, there's considerably less mess for you to worry about cleaning up afterwards!

Size: 42cm x 30.5cm x 15.5cm (16½" x 12" x 6")