champ wine thermometer, pourer and stopper

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Celebrating a solemn occasion with a good glass of wine is up-to-date and indispensable. The AdHoc designers committed themselves to the development of wine accessories that support the wine-, sparkling wine as well as the champagne lover throughout the whole process: from opening the bottle, to the cooling and finally the decanting. Due to the interaction of taste, function, quality and the contemporary aesthetic demand that connects all AdHoc-designs the delight becomes an overall experience. The wine thermometer ensures an easy reading of the ideal temperature range for sparkling wine, white and red wine. The thermometer rod offers the best temperature measurement deep inside the bottle. A silicone stopper seals the bottle air tight, is extremely flat and therefore ideal for a storage in the fridge. A stainless steel protective cover ensures a safe storage.

Material: Stainless steel / plastic / silicone

4.7 cm x 15 cm