Beldi Glass, Clear

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Beldi tea glasses are traditional and classic drink ware in moroccan cafes and homes. Unlike the other designs at our store, this style is simple, yet displays quality in a different way. These beldi's are a joy to hold on to. They fell substantial and smooth in your hands. Due to the handmade nature, these glasses are not perfect like the ones made by machines.

It has been a long tradition in morocco to drink hot tea from tea glasses. The trick to it is to only fill half of the glass every time, so that the top portion is still cool to the touch. You can of course use this set for water, wine, milk, or anything you like! This set will be a wonderful show-off piece when you friends come over.

Dimensions: 2.5'' diameter x 4'' h (small) | 2.75" diameter x 5" h (large)

Dishwasher safe