anniversary set storage box modula 9 pcs

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9-piece set with Modula storage boxes. This special anniversary gift set consists of 1 x 2000 ml, 2 x 1500 ml, 2 x 1000 ml, 2 x 425 ml, 1 x 3-piece meat products box and 1 x refrigerator box. The Modula is the absolute pinnacle of functional design. We've done everything we can to draw attention to what's inside. Because that is what makes it so handy: thanks to the see-through window you always see exactly what you still have in stock! The white sealing ring of the boxes ensures a perfect seal, making the storage boxes ideal for storing dry food residues such as pasta, flour, sugar and coffee beans. The fridge boxes are ideal for storing meat products or cheese. The storage and storage boxes lie well in the hand and are easy to open. Modula: brings overview to every kitchen!