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The Pokito Pop Up Cup is the perfect reusable solution for drinks “on-the-go”. Ultra portable, the cup hosts a maximum capacity of 475ml and can be scrunched down and easily stored away into a bag.

Enjoy your type of drink they way you like it, simply choose one of the cup's three sizes: Grande, Medio or Espresso.

Closed dimensions: W 9.5cm x 4.5cm.
Espresso capacity 230ml with a 10.5cm height.
Grande capacity 475ml with a 15cm height.
Medio capacity 250ml with a 10.5cm height.

Incredibly strong, light and durable, Pokito cups are environmentally sustainable after just 15 uses and are designed to be used twice a day for two years, or 1,500 uses.

The materials of this cup are taste-free and odourless so doesn’t affect the flavour of your drink.

Easy to clean and fully dishwasher-proof.

Weighs 100g.

Made from FDA-approved materials, insulates against heat and contains a snap-shut lid to protect you from spills.