Faringdon s/s curly whisk

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This clever little whisk is magic for whisking out lumps in your sauces and gravy, leaving them lovely and smooth, so if you like making sauces you need one of these. The head of the whisk is slightly angled and bends to fit your pan or bowl, so you can really work over the whole base, which helps to ensure even mixing and prevent scorching.
The flat coil shape is fantastic for making vinaigrette. Use it to whisk up eggs for an omelette, to mix stock cubes, hot chocolate, to whisk cream, or even mayonnaise as it is surprisingly comfortable to hold, even for jobs that take that little bit longer. It is also known as a Curly whisk or Magic whisk, has a useful hanging hook and, being made of stainless steel, it is dishwasher safe.

Length: 21cm
Width: 5cm