Dual knife sharpener blk

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Good cooks agree that the safest knife in the kitchen is a sharp knife, because it allows for better control. This sharpener is easy, safe and effective on straight or serrated blades.

Sharpen your favourite Kuhn Rikon knives and other knives - both straight and serrated blades - but pulling the knife through the sharpening stones.

Sturdy non-slip feet and a grip-tight handle will help you keep blades safely facing down.

This tool features two different stones which are clearly indicated – one for straight blades, one for serrated ones.

The ceramic stones are set at the optimal angle to bring a great cutting edge back to your knives.

The collapsible design is terrific for saving space in your kitchen.

  • Safely sharpens straight or serrated blades
  • Suitable from Japanese and European style blades
  • Suitable for plain or non-stick coated blades
  • Long lasting ceramic sharpening stones
  • Space saving retractable design
  • Secure non-slip feet
  • Grip-tight handle
  • Overall length: 16cm
  • Select the sharpening stones for your straight or serrated blades and gently pull the blade through the sharpening stones
  • Wipe your knife blades after sharpening
  • Wipe the sharpener clean with a damp cloth